Precision, Performance Alignments

You wouldn't take your turn key musclecar or newly restored classic car to just any old tire shop to have it aligned would you?  They might do an okay job but most tire shops aren't willing to invest the time setting up the equipment and ensuring the alignment is as precise as it can possibly be.

For that reason we are excited to begin offering alignment services for high end, classic, pro-touring and musclecar applications.  Because we are concerned with fitment and performance, bringing alignment capabilities in-house provides us with an extra level of precision to our process.

When it comes to our build projects and installing custom suspension, we now have the ability to check our work as we go and make any necessary changes to the fabrication to ensure that it matches all necessary specifications and provides the best overall end result.

If you've got a high end or classic car and you'd like to have it aligned the right way, give us a call at 
(805) 988-5080.